The Next Journey

Friday – March 10, 2017. 11pm.

Today I closed a chapter on my life, and I begin a new one Monday . . . .

It all began in Paris . . . Being in a different country opened my mind to think more objectively. I wasn’t absorbed in my typical routine and was free to contemplate the future. I felt alive as I enjoyed and soaked in the french culture around me, walking the streets of Paris and drinking at cafés. I brainstormed for the years ahead.

I returned to Dallas and immediately jumped in another plane a few days later to a photography conference in Arizona. I reflected over my business as I listened to the lectures. I knew I needed to re-evaluate my hustle. I left with one main takeaway: Put in motion what I have learned over the last year. Instead of keeping notes stored away, I needed to brush the dust off them and execute the ideas I had taken time to write down.

Combined I had a new vision and a new hustle to implement it with. Goals took form in both my personal and business life. I brainstormed, researched, and spoke with friends and family. I decided it was time finalize those ideas in physical form.

January and February were my “free” months to work ahead in my part time job that I would be leaving and to complete big projects in my photography business. March would be the month to search for a job, and hopefully in April I would begin the new job. Finally, in June I would move out and get an apartment.

Being a young single woman, I am learning to grow into my own shoes. I am figuring out how that looks in daily life and into the years ahead. Each chapter is bittersweet when it comes to a close, but it is exciting to think of the new opportunities ahead. Monday I begin my new job as a pastry chef at Boulangerie by Village Baking Co. Here’s to doing both things I love: being a chef and a wedding photographer.


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