Journals from Paris – part six

Tuesday – September 27, 2016. 11:30pm. Paris, France.

I have arrived home overwhelmed with emotions. Before I left tonight, Caroline and Jean-Thibault asked if I would be Juliette’s godmother. What an honor. Being Protestant, I am unfamiliar with the Catholic traditions, but I knew immediately how special it is to be asked and what a privilege it would be. Without pause I said, “Yes, I would love to be her godmother.”

Caroline said she may start crying, and of course then I began to tear up. I inquired about the history and background of this tradition. Jean-Thibault explained. It was created hundreds of years ago as a type of guardianship and spiritual mentorship role. The godparents would fill in as a type of second parents if something happened to the child’s parents. Throughout the years though it has changed to more of a spiritual mentorship role now. You promise to help pray and be a Christian example to your godchild.

As it is a Catholic tradition, it is required that one godparent be Catholic, but the second could be of another Christian religion. Caroline was raised similarly to me, and appreciates the same spiritual principles and beliefs I do. We conversed for awhile about it. As a Christian, I respect and admire this tradition. What a blessing to the child to have a guardian mentor in the faith alongside their parents.

I am still so pleasantly surprised and overjoyed to take on this role for my sweet cousin Juliette. It is amazing to watch another generation grow up, and it is a privilege to be a part of helping mentor them as they learn and become individuals. Juliette, I pray you become a woman who loves the Lord, who dares to do great things, and who dreams without boundaries. I love you, Goddaughter.


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