Jim & Katie | Engagement Story

Jim and Katie’s story couldn’t be more sweet or special. Having become friends with Katie during their relationship, I caught bits and pieces of behind the scenes as they got to know one another. It was at their engagement session however when I heard the details in description as they played back their story for their engagement video by GoMan Productions.

It all began with a video funny enough since Jim is a videographer. Jim had been asked to help a friend with piecing together some interviews at his church. Katie was the third interview. “She had given such genuine answers, and as an editor I knew it was going to be so easy to piece together,” Jim recounted. “As the days passed by, for some reason she would keep coming to my mind and heart.” He noticed one Sunday where Katie sat and intentionally sat roughly in her area. They greeted each other briefly, and one week later connected over a similarity. After three weeks of seeing each other at church, Jim got her number and called her up the next day to ask her out.

Katie woke up the morning of their date with pink eye, and devastated, she asked to move it to Friday. It was their first date and she had to go with no makeup and blood shoot eyes. Remembering back she had said to herself, “Well, he’s getting to know the real me! This is the best way to do it I guess. And if it works out, we’ll have a great story.” And they do.

After that first date, Katie had told her roommate Amanda, “I saw parts of myself that I forgot that I had. If I never go on another date with him again, that was a gift to me.”

Jim remarked, “I never felt like it was an infatuation. There was always something there. We just really clicked…and connected. I just kept feeling that God was saying, ‘Continue. Pursue.'”

Katie expressed, “Jim brings out these parts of me that I think I had completely dismissed, that I thought nobody is interested in. Nobody cares about that part of me. That is something that is just dumb about you. I just kinda found myself being fully me when I was on a date with Jim.”

Describing Katie, Jim always came back around to the word genuine. Katie’s deep love for God and her encouragement in conversations just attracted him even more to this woman he was considering marrying.

Throughout the next year, they drew closer to one another and come December they were engaged. In January we met to discuss photography. And once spring had come to Texas, we planned their engagement portraits. It was exciting to capture them as a couple, and I couldn’t wait to be there when they said, “I do.”


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