A Southern girl down deep. A Whole Foods Chef who enjoys fun in the kitchen. A dedicated woman with a love for beauty. I value relationships and their impact, especially in family. In short, I'm a big believer in legacy. My history and my family are what inspires me to be who I am.

It is rare for me to jump out of bed in the morning, but this wedding weekend it was one of those exceptions. I knew if I was this excited then Danny and Megan were probably ten times as much! It was their wedding day! Danny and Megan had known each other for 10 years. […]

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It was a beautiful evening. The sun was setting. We were by the river. Josh, Emily, and I met through mutual friends. We spent the evening having fun around a jogging trail, along the river, and on a bridge. It was a pleasant fun evening. I could see they cared for one another, and they were […]

Yes, I know. SCHEDULE! I don’t have time for that! Well, guess what? YOU DO. IT’S NOT WORTH THE WAIT. In lectures from fellow photographers, I had heard this same thing mentioned endless times. I knew it was probably true, so I put it on my imaginary to-do list. Well, it’s easy to guess, but […]

Ben and Mica have a sweet love story. Mica’s family were the ones that helped welcome Ben to Houston when he moved there a few years back. It was the start of a special friendship between them. Ben came over quite a bit, and it was just normal to have him around. During that time, […]