A Southern girl down deep. A Whole Foods Chef who enjoys fun in the kitchen. A dedicated woman with a love for beauty. I value relationships and their impact, especially in family. In short, I'm a big believer in legacy. My history and my family are what inspires me to be who I am.

Jordan and Amy Demos ended their keynote at Showit United with the question, “Who sacrificed for you?” They referenced Mary Marantz’s keynote the day before of the sacrifice of her father to give Mary the future and a chance at success. Jordan called to mind his mother and her sacrifice to bring him and his brothers […]

The Showit United Conference this week has really focused on building community. Days before flying into Phoenix, Arizona, the Facebook group updated almost every second. Photographers couldn’t sleep because they were so excited. We were talking and chatting as if we had already met. Rides were shared together through Uber. Vans were shuttling people back […]

I was excited for Zak & Tiffany’s wedding day. I knew it would be neat to see the Vietnamese traditions, and understand the meaning behind them. Tiffany’s family was sweet, and they welcomed Zak and his family in as they joined together as one family during the Vietnamese ceremony. It was neat to see two families […]

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  • Ron Moore - Wow, those are some extremely beautiful photos. Kudos to the photographer. She did an absolutely stellar job!

    Tiffany, you look very pretty as always. And Zak looks so dapper in his suit. Susanna had a good sense of timing when she took these photos. She captured so many smiles in a roll of film. Really, I can’t help but smile myself. Absolutely wonderful.

    I’d honestly frame some of these. I truly feel that these photos came out THAT well.

    Your dear friend,
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  • Joel Torres - Pictures looks great! Good job!ReplyCancel

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  • Kevin Mao - These are some of the most beautiful wedding photo’s I have ever seen. Susanna you have really captured Tiff’s beauty in a whole new light.ReplyCancel