Being Present with Today

Life is flying by, and so many of us either want it to pass quickly or wish it would slow down. But what if instead you soaked in every opportunity that came your way? Days come and go quickly, but looking back over past moments what do you see? Will you wish to relive your life because you were never fully present?

More times than not, I live in the present wishing or thinking of the future. Do I lose the complete joy in the moments that happen right before me because I’m already looking ahead to and wishing for tomorrow?


To tell you the truth, my dream was to be a successful business woman by now, married and “established” (or at least to have it on the horizon). As I ponder these thoughts, I wonder what I could have done or not done differently. Would another choice have given me what I thought I wanted at that time? But then I ask myself, “Why?” Why wish for something you do not have? Why wish for something you do not know much about? Are you seeing the full picture?

But the daily mental to-do list comes, pressuring me to leave those thoughts behind. I need to run errands. No, I should exercise and shower first, then go. But wait, I need to email him that document. Should I do it now or after? Wait, I should really do the dishes before I go upstairs, and on and on. And there goes my day. Evening comes, and yet again I wonder what I have accomplished. I am worn out, and wishing again for what I do not have. My present life is so busy that I find myself longing for something different.

Throughout the day, do I notice the little opportunities20160727WorkingfromHomeSouthernPines that pass by right before me, or is my mind consumed with the future? I am learning that my focus on the unknown leaves little attention for the present. Yes, I could take that hour to be “productive” as I had planned…but should I instead be with my grandmother and help her with that project?

Do I pressure my to-do list so much that I forget to mentally (and sometimes physically) relax and enjoy this season of life? When I am tired, I wish for things that I do not have. Why? Because I am not relishing what I have in front of me. I kick myself realizing how I am missing the big picture. I need to cultivate a contentment that dwells in the present, enjoys the beauty of moments as they happen, and waits securely. I will be ready for the next season when it comes, because I know I will have lived this season to its fullest.


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  • Monica Sais - Love what you said about, stressing or missing or worrying about not having what you know very little about. So very true. And what a reminder to realize that living in the present is not only the best thing you can do, but probably the healthiest, mentally.ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca Fougerousse - YES!!!! I feel ya! I too find myself always wanting more or just something else and not slowing down to see all that I have. So much that I have! It’s such a struggle to remember how much we have and that our blessings come when it’s the right time not just when we want them. Thanks for sharing! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Brent Kay - Being content with the present can be so difficult when you have so many hopes and dreams for the future. I find practicing gratitude on a daily basis helps me recognize just how much I have to be thankful for and how much I’ve actually accomplished so far. Thanks for being transparent!ReplyCancel

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