3 Days of Peace

I walked into the Omni Mandalay Hotel in Las Colinas already feeling like I had escaped to a different world. I lugged my suitcase, and multiple bags (yes – I packed too much again but at least I could bring it all at one time!) to my suite on the eleventh floor. I walked around turning on lights and opening the curtains. I had my own little paradise for 3 whole days and it was all to myself.


A panoramic view from the balcony of my suite.

I already felt different as I walked downstairs by myself with book in hand. I bravely asked for a table for one outside on the patio overlooking the canal. I read while I waited for my food. I ate alone unobtrusively getting to think and ponder. I was on my own schedule not worrying about others and getting places or doing things on time. I could just sit, relax, and read my book.


Table for One, Dinner at Trevi’s

Those 3 days were peaceful. I didn’t realize how much being quiet and not talking helps you relax. I loved sitting in the big chair in front of the window curled up with a glass of wine and a good book. I got my first massage and facial. I planned and wrote out my goals. I wrote and I thought, and I came away with new ideas and resolutions.

  • Each day I need to take time to be quiet and let my mind breathe. Yes, time to read and also pray, but just time to sit peacefully and breathe in and out.
  • Stop multitasking (as much at least). It creates anxiety when you have too many things going on, and I want to be fully present in each thing I am doing. I want to devote my time and energy all into that one thing, and not be spread thin over multiple projects.
  • I need to evaluate my time as I go through my day. It doesn’t have to be written down for me to be mindful of what I should do in the next hour. I need to be aware of the clock and be wise with the time I am given.
  • I need to relax by reading more. Watching movies or a tv show helps take my mind off things, but it doesn’t invest back into me. I need to set time each day to read.
  • Set goals for each week. Evaluate my progress, and keep going.

As I left the hotel, I came back into “real life” worrying that I would lose all these goals and would just relax back into “normal.” No, I told myself. This will always be an uphill battle, but having had those 3 days of peace I knew the battle would be worth fighting for.


Of Southern Pines Photography


Dear friends joined me for dinner the last night!

Dear friends joined me for dinner the last night!




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